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Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition

2019 Pingtung Manzhou Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition and ASC Asian Tour (English)

2018 Pingtung Manzhou Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition and ASC Asian Tour (English)

2017 Pingtung Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition and ASC Asian Tour (English)

2016 Pingtung Surfing Festival (English)

2015 Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition (English)

2012 the 7th Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition (Chinese)

2011 the 6th Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition (Chinese)

2010 the 5th Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition (Chinese)

The Beginning

In August, 2006 ,TORSA organized the first “Kenting International Surfing Competition” in order to promote eco friendly recreational tourism in the Kenting area to Taiwan and the rest of world. This first contest attracted 200 surfers and an estimated 10,000 people to the area over the three day event.. Using judges from the Japan ASP organization to provide fair competition and media from ET News and FTV < Taiwan> and also Japan “Surfing” magazine the first three day event created a chain reaction for surfers in Taiwan. With the media coverage it also highlighted surfing in Taiwan not only to Asia but also the World.

Heng Chung has many well known touring spots such as Nanwan(South bay), Kenting street etc. but Jialeshuei had been missed by most of the tourists. It is one of the most suitable spots for surfing in Taiwan. Since the first “Kenting Surfing Competition” has been held, Jialeshuei is now the only surfing area of Manchou and attracts many surfers and tourists during the weekends.

In 2007 the surfing competition worked with Hawaiian Trade and Tourist office in Taiwan and introduced exotic Hawaiian elements to the event, with Hawaiian hula dance and music which attracted extra visitors to the Heng Chung area and gave the feel of Haiwaii to the Jialeshuei contest site.

Our focus is not only for the surfing competition but also organizing more eco friendly activities during the surfing event, thus more people can enjoy this festival and get close to the nature. TORSA is also working with Kenting National Park and Manchou Township Government to promote ecological tourisms such as bicycle tours and kayaking. By promoting tourism with lower environmental impact the Jaleshuei Scenic Park can remain as one of the most beautiful place in Taiwan to visit.

TORSA shall keep promoting eco friendly recreational activities and the local culture to attract people around the world to this wonderful place in Taiwan. Build the relationship with mother nature via eco-friendly tourism and show the world that Taiwan is not only a” logo” printed under your phone but a wonderful surf location.

The aim of the event

Promote eco friendly recreational activities, integrate worldwide media to promote surfing in Taiwan and get to know the beauty of Manchou and Jialeshuei.


* Directory organization :
Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan / Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Rep. of China (TAIWAN) / Kenting National Park / Ping Tong County Government

* Main organizer :
Taiwan Ocean Recreation Sports Association

* Co-organizers :
Manchou Township government, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Ping Tung Community College, CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Taiwan Power Company, HENG CHUN CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL, Manchou Fire Department, HengChun Red Cross, ManChou County, Gang Gau Community Development Association, Man Chou County Jialeshuei Scenic Area Management, PingTung County Police Department HengChung Branch, Legislator Mr. Pan Men An.