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2018 Pingtung Manzhou Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition and ASC Asian Tour

◎ 2018 Pingtung Manzhou Jialeshuei International Surfing Competition and ASC Asian Tour :

1. Organiser : Taiwan Ocean Recreation Sports Association

2. Advised by : Pingtung County Government

3. Co-organisers : Kenting National Park, Manzhou Branch of Pingtung County Police Bureau, Manzhou Township Government, Hengchun Rescue Service, Pingtung County Wei-Jing Rescue Service.

4. Sponors : QuiksilverROXYNANUMDSD、 Australian Gold、 USA Style Shop720-armourSurfAcePineapple SurfboardsDecathlon TaiwanSurf Trip WorldUUKT

5. Date of Event : October 12th, 13th, 14th. 2018(Fri~Sunday)

6. Date of Registration : 1000, 10th Sep., 2018 to 1600, 28th Sep., 2018. The deadline to submit the registration fee is 1600, 28th Sep., 2018. The number of contestants is limited to 236 people. The registration system will be closed once this number is reached. Please transfer your registration fee within three days of signing up and no later than 1600, 28th Sep., 2018. TORSA reserves the right to cancel a contestant's registration if payment does not meet both these deadlines..

7. Registration :
※ For citizens of Taiwan, this competition is only open to TORSA members. Foreign surfers are not subject to this limitation.

The following link is for those who are interested in joining the membership of TORSA: www.torsa.tw/membership/membership.html

The link of online registration: https://goo.gl/jke4bG

In order to maintain registers’ right, there are certain numbers of competitors in all divisions. There is no group registration this time. TORSA reminds all surf clubs to pay special attention on individual registration for each surfer in your clubs. The registration system will capture all the surfers in your clubs and you can decide to pay as a group or individually. Please inform TORSA in advance before you make a payment.

※In order to ensure the personal data for the insurance and related rights, please keep the data correct and recognizable. The organizer will not be responsible for the rejection of the insurance and related rights.

Please make sure you make payment within 3 days of completing your online registration. Please inform of your payment through the email or Facebook page below. Don't forget to include the competitor's name, the division s/he will compete in and the last 5 digits of the remitter's account number.
E-Mail: taiwantorsa@gmail.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/surftaiwan

※If you are already a member, please remit your TORSA membership fee: NTD2000 for groups or NTD 500 for individuals. For new members, please submit NTD1000 for individuals or NTD4000 for groups.

Account details:
Account number: 75310-054-320

8. Qualification for each division :
※ Open Tournament: open to everyone.(No limitations for age or nationality).
※ Jialeshui Surfing Competition(locals): Only open to Taiwan residents.

Contestants can enter multiple divisions.
Top four contestants from previous events are not allowed to enter Local surfing completion.

9. Registration Fee :
Open tournament :NTD2000 for Taiwan residents, NTD3000 for international contestants.

※In order to support teenage surfers, it is free to register in the Jialeshuei Surf Competition, Junior division (Under 16 years old). Teenage surfers who are under 16 years old can sign up for the Jialeshuei Surf Competition and the open tournament at the same time. As a junior you only need to pay for the open tournament.

10. Competition rules and notes : To protect competitors' rights, please read with care.

  • Order of heats will be set on the 12th~14th/Oct based on wave conditions at the time. Heat schedules will be posted by score boards.
  • There will be no lunch break on the 12th of Oct. The competition will continue until 1600. The opening ceremony will be held at the Suspension bridge parking lot.
  • All finals will be held on the 14th Oct with time and schedule posted in advance depending on wave conditions.

Competitors must check-in at Jialeshui beach from 0700 to 0800 on 12th Oct 2018. Please bring proof of identity documents. Acceptable documents are Taiwanese ID card, passport, ARC or APRC. Please make sure this onsite check-in is completed on time.

Preliminary draw for heats will be made once registration is completed. If an entrant has not completed onsite check-in within the specified time, their name will still be entered in the heat draw by the organizer and they will still be eligible to enter the contest.

The rundown for onsite check-in:
Confirm competitors' proof of identity → Put on the identification bracelets → Preliminary draw → collect the gift package → Finish onsite check-in

  1. Please transfer the entry fee before 16:00 on 28th September 2018. TORSA reserves the right to cancel your registration if you do not meet this deadline.
  2. Competitors who are residents of Taiwan can sign up for the Short-board and long-board divisions in the open tournament and may also sign up for any division in the 2018 Jialeshuei Surfing Competition. The entry fee is NTD 2000 for each division in the open tournament and NTD1500 for each division in Jialeshui Surfing Competiton.
    • Ex. A Taiwanese contestant enters the open, longboard division + the Jialeshui Comp, the entry fee will be $2000 + $1500 = 3500NTD.
    • International contestants can only enter the open tournament. The registration fee is $3000NTD for each division.
  3. Family guest of the surfers in junior division fee is NT$1000 per person (optional).
  4. In order to protect your rights and eligibility for insurance, please ensure the accuracy of your personal data when you register. The organizer will not be responsible for the rejection of claims to insurance or through other legal processes.
  5. Please inform TORSA the name, the division and the last 5 digits of the remitter’s account by TORSA’s email or facebook personal message. E-Mail: taiwantorsa@gmail.com / Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/surftaiwan/
  6. We do not accept applications by phone because of the protection of personal data.
  7. Identification bracelets are for use only by the competitor or the family guest it has been issued to.
  8. Please keep the identification bracelet intact. It must be shown in order to enter the competition party on OctoberXX. Without it, you will not be admitted. Bracelets damaged deliberately or through negligence will not be reissued.
  9. If your bracelet is broken by accident, please go to a checkpoint to replace it as soon as possible. NTD 50 is needed to replace a bracelet.
  10. Lunchboxes for individuals, teams and family guests can be collected from the official's desk when announced.
  11. The lunchbox package for family guests costs NTD 1000. It includes: 3 daily lunches and 2 evening meals at the parties. (These meals are not available to purchase individually).
  12. To avoid food wastage please advise officials if lunchboxes are not required.
  13. Order of heats will be set before all heats based on wave conditions at the time. Heat schedules will be posted by score boards. Please wait onsite for the announcement. Heats will not be redrawn for absent entrants.
  14. The organizer reserves the right to transfer competitors to a suitable division if there are reasonable disputes.
  15. For this competition a short board is defined as being 7' or under with single or multiple fins. A long board is defined as being 9' or over with single or multiple fin arrangements.
  16. Vintage Fish Board (both single and double fins) which is shorter than 7' can be seen as a short board.
  17. All judges will score depending on the type of board surfed and movement (for example, compared to a fish board, general short boards with 3 fins will score higher for the same maneuver.
  18. For any given division, the competition will be cancelled if there are less than 6 competitors (6 competitors are necessary to form a division).
  19. Appeals:
    (1) Controversial judgment: Take the adjudication from judges as the standard when there are rules expressly provided.
    (2) Take the adjudication of the movement from the specific judges the standard when there is no rule expressly provided.
    (3) Process of appeal: The appeal application shall be signed by club captain or coach within 10 minutes of the result of the heat being announced. NTD2000 shall be attached as a deposit with the application and being submitted to the judicial committee. After the adjudication, the deposit will be returned if the appeal is successful, or if not upheld, the fee will be retained as a donation to support coaching for teenage surfers.
  20. All heat results will be displayed at checkpoint and all competitors can check by themselves. Please don’t destroy the documents of results or take them without permission.
  21. Registration for the competition on the day is not allowed.
  22. Surfer’s guests and families must pay their meal fee before the deadline. No additional guests will be registered during the event dates.
  23. The surfing festival has insured each person for up to NTD 2,000,000 for accidents and NTD 200,000 for medical treatment.
  24. Regarding hotel and traffic information please check the following links:
  25. The following rules apply for ROC withholding tax on prize money for sporting events.
    (1) Taiwan nationals: 10% withholding tax will be deducted from prizes over NT$10,000.
    (2) Non-Taiwan nationals: 20% withholding tax will be deducted from prizes over NT$10,000.
    (3) Foreign nationals with ARC or APRC, but with less than 183 days in Taiwan (non continuous are treated as non-Taiwan nationals. If over 183 days in Taiwan, they are treated as Taiwan nationals.
  26. People who have ISA judge certification may apply for a judge position at the Jialeshuei Surfing Competition. The application deadline is 1600, 2018/09/28. Please be aware that it is not permitted to be both a judge and a competitor. You can only register for one. The organizer reserves the right to determine the suitability of all applicants.
  27. The application to be a judge: https://goo.gl/2p2esG
  28. The seeded juror competitors are according to the top 8 ranking in 2017 Pingtong Jialeshuei & ASC Asian Tour.
  29. Priority is given to the following divisions.
    (1) All divisions in the Open tournament, Heat1 to Final
    (2) Jialeshui Surfing Comp : Semi Finals and Finals

11. Divisions :




Surfing experience required

Age limited


Open Tournment







Open for everyone








Pingtong Manzhou Jialeshuei Surfing competition

Men’s Longboard

Taiwanese Residents

Under 5 years of surfing experience



No limi




Men’s Shortboard

Women’s Longboard


Mixed gender
and no limits for board types



No limi

Under 16years old

Mix gender
Shortboard only


Over 45 years old

Mix gender longboard only

12. Prize : The top 3 contestants in each division are awarded both a trophy and cash prize.
Women's longboard open: Champion NT$20,000
Second place NT$15,000
Third place NT$10,000
Men's bodyboard open: Champion NT$15,000
Second place NT$10000
Third place NT$5000
Women's body board open: Champion NT$15,000
Second place NT$10000
Third place NT$5000
Men’s shortboard: Champion NT$10,000
Second place NT$5000
Third place NT$3000
Men's Longboard: Champion NT$10,000
Second place NT$5000
Third place NT$3000
Women's longboard: Champion NT$10,000
Second place NT$5000
Third place NT$3000
SUP: Champion NT$10,000
Second place NT$5000
Third place NT$3000
Master : Champion NT$10,000
Second place NT$5000
Third place NT$3000
Junior : Champion gifts
Second place gifts
Third place gifts

13. Rundown :

2018/10/12 Friday
07:00 ~ 08:30 On-site check-in
09:00 ~ 12:00 Start the Preliminary rounds in all division.
12:00 ~ 12:45 Lunch time. On going heats.
13:00 ~ 16:00 Preliminary rounds. Sponsor events.
16:00 Confirmation of check-in times for the first 3 rounds of the next day's heats.
16:30 Opening Ceremony.
◎19:00 Party at AliSeafood Restaurant. (2018 Annual general Meeting of TORSA)

2018/10/13 (Saturday)
07:00 check-in time for the first 3 rounds.
07:10 ~ 12:00 Semi-final for all divisions
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 ~ 17:30 Semi-final for all divisions. Sponsor events
17:30 Confirmation of check-in times for the first 3 rounds of the next day's heats.
◎19:00 Party at Jialeshuei Beach Parking area.

2017/10/09 (Sunday)
07:00 ~ 12:00 Final for all divisions, sponsor events
12:00 ~ 12:45.Lunch time. Sponsor events
13:00 ~ 16:00 Final for all divisions.
16:00 ~ 16:30 Awards ceremony

◎The schedule might change with the condition of the waves, so please check in on time.

◎The organizer reserves the right to cancel competitors’ registration if the competitor does not check in on time.

  • 2016/10/4 Application Date amended.