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1. Membership Application Requirement:
a). Individual member : Must be aged 20 and above and abide by decisions made by the association.
b). Group Member: Approved body of Ping-Tong County Government.
c). Sponsor membership: Any group or individual that sponsors TORSA shall have membership.
*Please complete and submit the application form and submit the membership fee when you apply.
    We will reply to you after the committee has approved the application.
*If apply as a group membership, please assign one as the representative.

2. Members (representative) have the right to make decisions, to elect, and to impeach. Each (representative) has one vote.
    Sponsor member have no rights as above.

3. Members shall pay the membership fee and follow the regulations and decisions made.

4. Violation of regulations, disobeying decisions by Members (representative) can cause cancelation of membership.

5. Members with cancelled membership will for-fit right of membership.

6. Members can cancel their membership by written statement.

How to become a member of TORSA?

A. Fill in the form : Please fill in the application form and mail or fax to TORSA.

B. Membership fee: Please inform us (Phone call or e-mail) after your transfer the fee.
*Individual member fee NTD1000/first year, Second year NTD500.
*Group members: NTD$5000/per year

C. Note::Members will get a TORSA logo sticker and a t-shirt once the application has been approved.


address: No.21-2, Kenting Rd. Hengchung Township, Ping Tong County, TAIWAN.

TEL/FAX:+886 8 8856876


Bank info (Taiwan):
Bank : First Bank, Hengchung Branch.
Account Name: Taiwan Ocean Recreation Sport Association
Account number: 75310-054320

Individual application form:TORSA 個人入會申請表格 (pdf file)