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TORSA Organizes the Regulation

Taiwan is situated at the subtropics, whole year the water temperature is warm, the summer has the ground swell which the tropical depression and the typhoon bring, has the northeast monsoon gracious gift in the winter for six month-long the wave seasons, according to mountain and sea, the gentle breeze and the sunny day shines well-to-do…Actually develops the surfing advantageous natural condition.
- T.O.R.S.A has investigation of and monitor ability the natural environment

At present Taiwan is engaged in the surfing activity population approximately more than 20000 people, has the surfboard to have more than 5000 people approximately; Whole year surfing correlation has the expense amount to reach as high as NT$210,000,000 also grows continually. Is engaged in the surfing activity, belongs generally has the high consumption ability, the tribal grouping tribal group spreads in all the various trades and occupations elite, is engaged in work majorities and so on leisure traveling, creativity research and development, dissemination, marketing, leadership for expense tendency. Its personality special characteristic majority has dares to innovate the risk, facing the change can highly the strain and high resistant to compression.
- T.O.R.S.A has statistics of and analysis ability the surfing population structure.

At the present, regardless of is in fashion, or the spirit in the popular fashion extends presses the stratification plane, also or fitness lifesaving consciousness gains ground, not only necessity of the surfing promotion approves generally for the populace, also regards as the fashion popular leisure activity.

Originally can conduct the Kenting cup first session of international surfing match launch after 2006, the surfing study population has become the multiple growth year by year. This meeting director Mr. Chou Guang FU, concurs Pingdong County society to go against the tribe to develop cultural promotion agency director, since has taken over, the nonmotile marine activity and the wooded mountain tribe eco-tourism union, succeeds this region becomes the eco-tourism demonstration surveying rod, attracts each place to be connected the entrepreneur and the learned society senate visits, and succeeds develops the overseas sightseeing market. The trust in the future, will originally be able also to be able to assist to promote unrest of the movement traveling, the surfing unrest and the correlation industry and the product also can in entire Taiwan each place be able the vigorous development.
- T.O.R.S.A has the surfing such small numerous movement development ability of for the region sea culture mainstream.

Chapter 1   General Provisions
Article 1 The association is named Taiwan Ocean Recreation Sports Association (as follows brief name the association will)
Article 2 The association can for set up legally, non-take seeks to make a profit of social group as the goal, based on likes the township loving the earth spirit, the offer mental effort, the union government and the folk spirit, promotes the sea leisure movement and the care environment and enhances the domestic leisure movement standard, promotes the physical and moral integrity, promotes all the people life and the leisure quality, thought continues forever the model which develops is the objective.
Article 3 The association can as organize the region take the nation administrative division.
Article 4 The association’s site is at No. 21-2, Kenting Road, Heng Chun Township, Pingdong County, the Pingdong County government area, and reports after the controlling organization approves to set up the branch office.Antecedents the branch office to organize the simplified regulations to draft by the council, reports the controlling organization to approve next it. The association’s site and the branch office address of in when establishment and change should report the controlling organization to consider.
Article 5 The association’s duty to be as follow:
First, statistics all the people sea leisure resources investigation applies and studies the development.
Second, relation, introduction and promotion leisure movement activity.
Third, the assistance correlation and so on educates in the sea care and the environment and promotes
Four, assists to handle the international large-scale leisure movement competition, Taiwan will push up the international scene.
Fifth, about the government leisure movement and the sightseeing policy, the law assists to promote and to study the suggestion.
Sixth, service of the assistance leisure industry lectures and studies, the training and unfolds develops.
Seventh, assists to handle the public welfare to move and to accept the governmental agency association to ask to do the item.
Eighth, other tally the association the purpose activity to handle.
Article 6 The controlling organization of the association is Ministry of Interior; The association the goal enterprise controlling organization for Ministry of Communications Sightseeing Bureau, Executive Yuan Sports Committee, this meets the goal enterprise to be supposed to receive instruction, the surveillance each this enterprise controlling organization.
Chapter 2  
Article 7 The member of the association divides into following 2 kinds:
(1) individual member: Every approval book meets the objective, is 20 years old, fills in joins a society the requisition, passes after the council, after and pays the membership dues, for individual member.
(2) association member: Every approval book meets organization of or the association the objective, fills in joins a society the requisition, passes after the council, after and pays the membership dues, is the association members, the association members pushes sends representative two people, exercises the member right.
(3) supports the member: Every approval book meets organization of or the association the objective, supports the book to meet the member voluntarily, for this meets supports the member.
Article 8 (1) The member (member represents) has the right to vote, the voting right, the right to be elected and the recall power. Each member (member represents) is a power.
(2) supports the member not to have this right
Article 9 The members comply with the association duty of the regulation, the resolution and the payment membership dues.
Article 10 The member (member represents) has violates the law, when the regulation or does not observe the member assembly resolution, after the council resolution, warned or stops the power punishment, its harm association plot significance, removes a name after the general meeting resolution.
Article 11 The member has one of following circumstances, for leaves the association:
First, loses the membership.
Second, after member assembly resolution removing a name.
Article 12 The member can written explain clearly the reason to the association to be able to declare draws back the association.
Chapter 3   Organizations and Authorities
Article 13 The General Assembly will be the highest authority.
The member (member represents) the population to surpass 300 human of above time score area proportion to select member representative, again holds the member representative assembly, exercises the general meeting authority. The member represents the tenure in office for 3 years, its various quotas of people and the election means draft by the council, report the controlling organization to consider next it.
Article 14 The member (member represents) authority of the congress to be as follows:
First, subscribes decides with changes the regulation.
Second, elects and recalls the director, the supervisor.
Third, resolves the entrance fee, year to year the membership dues, the business cost and the member donation amount of and the way.
Fourth, resolves the year work plan, the report and the budget, the final accounts.
Fifth, resolves the member (member to represent) removes a name the punishment.
Sixth, resolves punishment the property.
Seventh, resolves this meets dismissing.
Eighth, resolves with the member rights and obligations concerns other significant items.
Antecedents scope of the eighth section significant item to decide it by the council.
Article 15 The association can set at the director 25 person of, the supervisor 7 people, (member represents) by the member elects it, establishes the council, the board of supervisors separately. When the election antecedents the director, the supervisor, simultaneously selects according to the counting the ballots situation is on the waiting list the director 5 people, is on the waiting list the supervisor 2 people, meets when the director, the supervisor becomes vacant, the distinction in order fills vacancies in order it.
Article 16 Authority of the council is as follows:
First, examines and approves the member (member to represent) the qualifications.
Second, election and recall routine director, director.
Third, resolves resignation the director, the routine director and the director.
Fourth, hires to exempt the staff.
Fifth, drafts the year work plan, the report and the budget, the final accounts.
Sixth, other should carry out the item.
Article 17 The council sets at the routine director 5 people, chooses it mutually by the director, and elects two artificial directors and vice-director by the director on the routine director in.
Director to in synthesis principle direction conference affair, foreign representative this meeting, and holds the post of the general meeting, council president.
When director because of events cannot administrate the officiate, should substitute by vice-director.
When director, the routine director becomes vacant, should in a month special election it.
Article 18 Authority of the board of supervisors is as follows:
First, executes supervisory council work.
Second, verification annual closing.
Third, elects and recalls routine supervisor.
Fourth, resolves resignation the supervisor and the routine supervisor.
Fifth, other should supervise the item.
Article 19 The board of supervisors sets at the routine supervisor 1 person, chooses it mutually by the supervisor, the supervisory daily conference affair, and holds the post of board of supervisors president.
When the routine supervisor because of events cannot administrate the officiate, should assign supervisor one person to act it, has not assigned when or cannot assign, by the supervisor mutually pushes one person to act it.
Board of supervisors president (routine supervisor) becomes vacant when should in a month special election it.
Article 20 The director, the supervisor for not gives the duty, the tenure in office 3 years, including chooses the reappointment. Reappointment the director, is limited to by one time. Tenure in office of the director, the supervisor from summons date of computation the book size session of first council.
Article 21 The director, the supervisor have one of following circumstances, fires should promptly:
First, loses the member (member to represent) the qualifications.
Second, resigns for some reason after the council or board of supervisors resolution passing.
Third, is recalled or removes exempting.
Fourth, is stopped the power punishment period exceed tenure in office 1/2.
Article 22 The association can set at secretary general a person, receives life of processing book the director to meet business, other staff certain people, nominate by director after the council through hire to exempt it, and newspaper controlling organization reference. But secretary general dismisses should report in advance the controlling organization to consider.
Antecedents the staff have not to have to hold the post by the director supervisor.
The staff power and responsibility and the delegation of authority to officials at the appropriate level item decide it in addition by the council.
Article 23 The association can result in sets up each kind of committee, the group or other internal work organization, its organization simplified regulations execute after the council through after, when change also with.
Article 24 The association can result in by the council invites honorary director a person, honorary director, consultant certain people, tenure in office of its term of engagement and director, the supervisor with.
Chapter 4   Meetings
Article 25 The member (member represents) the congress to divide the regular conference and the temporary conference two kinds, convenes by director, convenes when besides the urgent accident the temporary conference should before 15th by written notification it.
The regular conference convenes every year one time, the temporary conference reveals the necessity in the council, either (member represents) 1/5 above requests after the member, either the board of supervisors requests by mail convenes when convenes it.
After the association can handle the legal person registration, the temporary conference (member represents) 1/10 above requests after the member to convene it.
Article 26 The member (member represents) when personally cannot attend the member assembly, can the written request other members (member represent) acts, each member (member represents) by acts a person to be limited to.
Article 27 The member (member represents) resolution of the congress, (member represents) attendance the majority by the member, number of persons present most agreement line of it. But resolution of number of persons present the following item above 2/3 agrees with line of it.
First, the regulation subscribes decides with the change.
Second, the member (member represents) removing a name.
Third, recall director, supervisor.
Fourth, punishment property.
Fifth, the association dismissing.
Sixth, other and the member rights and obligations concerns the significant item.
After the association can handle the legal person registration, change number of persons present 3/4 above agreements or all member 2/3 above written agreement line of it regulation.
The association dismissing, above 2/3 may dismiss it definitely as necessary by all member.
Article 28 The council every six months convenes one time. The board of supervisors every six months convenes one time, when necessity convention joint conference or temporary conference. Antecedents the conference convenes when besides temporary conference, should before seventh by the written notification, resolution of the conference, respectively by the director, attendance the supervisor majority, number of persons present most agreement line of it.
Article 29 The director should attend the director conference, the supervisor should attend the supervisor conference, the council, the board of supervisors does not have to entrust the attendance: The director, the supervisor continual two times is absent without leave the council, the board of supervisors, regards with the resignation.
Chapter 5   Fund & Accounting
Article 30 This meets the funds origin to be as follows:
First, entrance fee: Individual member NT$1000 , the association member NT$ 5000, join a society in the member time pays.
Second, year to year membership dues: Individual member NT$500, association member NT$ 5000, in every year general meeting when pays.
Third, business cost.
Fourth, the member donates money.
Fifth, request income.
Sixth, the fund and grows.
Seventh, other income.
Article 31 The association fiscal year take all previous years as, January 1 gets up from every year to December 31 stops.
Article 32 Before the association every year fiscal year to start for two months to compile the year work plan, the revenue and expenditure budget, the staff treatment table by the council, raises the member assembly through (member assembly not to be able for some reason as scheduled convention, raises principle supervisor joint conference first through), The fiscal year starts the previous report controlling organization to consider. And the fiscal year end latter two months have compiled the year work report, the revenue and expenditure balance sheet, the cash teller by the council show, the property debt table, the property list and the fund revenue and expenditure table, after deliver the board of supervisors to verify, make have the verification prospectus to return the council, raise the member assembly to pass, consider (member assembly in at the end of March previous report controlling organization not to be able as scheduled convention, report in advance controlling organization).
Article 33 The association can after dismissing, the residual property belongs to of local self-government association or the controlling organization the locus assigns the institution association to possess.
Chapter 6   Supplementary Provisions
Article 34 This regulation has not stipulated the item, depends on the related law to stipulate entirely handles.
Article 35 This regulation passes after the preparatory conference, considers after the controlling organization executes, when change also with.